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SKU Model Description
35237 3406 470 KW Caterpillar 3406, Diesel Generator Set, 240/480 Volts, 1800 Rpm, Digital Control Panel
35210 3508TA 750 KW Cat 3508TA, Gnst, Sr4 681 Fr., 10 Lead Gen, Emcp Control Pnl, Elec Gov, C/B, 24v Strtr
35209 3512DITA 1250 KW Cat 3512DITA, Cat Sr4b 695 Frme 12 Lead Gen, Emcp Ii Control Pnl, C/B, 35a Alt, Rad
35201 APS150 150 KW Caterpillar APS150, Mobile Generator, Sae, Emcp4.2 Controls, 2009
35193 3406B 350 KW Cat 3406B, Skd Mounted, Emcp Control Pnl, Sr4 450 Gen., C/B, Wood Mech Gov, 24v Strtr, Rad
35192 3406TA 350 KW Cat 3406TA, Lo-Bsfc, Enclosure, Emcp Ii Control Pnl, Sr4 449 Gen, C/B, Wood 2301a Elec Gov
35045 XQ1250 1250 KW Cat XQ1250 Power Mod, 3512ta Eng, Sr4b Pm 695 Frme Gen, Emcp Control Pnl, Elec Gov
35044 3516 1750 KW Cat 3516, Sr4b 824 Frme, Control Panel, Wood Elec Gov, 46cv Rad, Dual Starters (2 Available)
35043 3516C-HD 2250 KW Cat 3516C-HD, Tier 4, Emcp 4.2 Control Pnl, Sr4b Gen W/Dig Volt Reg, Elec Gov, Rad
34998 3412EP 600 KW Caterpillar 3412EP, 480 V., 723 Hrs, Emcp Ii Control, Sr4 Genend, 1995
34995 APS550 550 KW Cat APS550, C18 Eng, Sound Attnted Pow Module, Emcp 3.3 Control Pnl, Elec Gov
34994 D200 200 KW Cat D200, Cat 3208t Eng, Prem Control Pnl, Elec Gov, 12v Strtr, 120/208v., Batt Chrgr
34959 3456TA 500 KW Cat 3456TA, Enclosure, Emcp Ii Control Pnl, Elec Gov, 225 Amp 3 Pole C/B, 300 Gal Fuel Tnk
34958 3406C 300 KW Cat 3406C, Enclosure, Emcp Ii Control Pnl, Sr4 448 Fr. Gen, Elec Gov, 400 Gal Fuel Tnk
34934 3412C Cat 3412C, Diesel Eng, Wdwrd Mech Gov, Vrnier Thrttle Control, Starter, Sae 0 Flywhl Hsing
34933 G3520 1966 KW Caterpillar G3520, Ng, 4160 V., Emcp2+ Digital Control Panel, Open Skid, 2016
34890 G3512 570 KW Caterpillar G3512, 277/480 V., 3-Phase, 1716 Hrs, Emcp 2 Control, Open Skid, '02
34870 G3412EP 450 KW Caterpillar G3412EP, Natural Gas Genset, Sr4, Deep Sea Control Panel, 480 V., 1993
34578 G3406-TA 240 KW Caterpillar G3406-TA, 480 V., Emcpii+ Control, Sae, 169 Hrs, 373 Hrs, 2009
34543 G3306TA 135 KW Caterpillar G3306TA, Open Natural Gas, 1800 Rpm, Emco 4.4 Control., 19 Hours, 2013
34540 XQ1250G 1250 KW Cat XQ1250G, Ng Power Mod, G3516b Eng, Emcp 3.3 Control Pnl, Sr4b Genend
34539 APS1000 1000 KW Cat APS1000 Power Mod, C32 Eng, Tier2, Emcp 3.3 Control Pnl, 30' Container (3 Available)
34538 XQ400 400 KW Cat XQ400 Mod, C15 Tier 3 Eng, Emcp Control Pnl, Sr4 Gen, Elec Gov, Tandem Trlr (5 Available)
34537 XQ60 60 KW Cat XQ60, Enclosure, Cat C4.4 Diesel Eng, Tier Comply, C/B, Elec Gov, Control Pnl, 35 Amp Alt
34531 3412 500 KW Caterpillar 3412, Standby, Sr4, Radiator, Emcp Control. Panel, 10, 000 Hrs., 480 V
34524 3500 Caterpillar 3500 Series 3512c Control Panels (4 Available)
34482 3508 1000 KW Caterpillar 3508, Genset, 1250 KVA, Digital Control Panel, 901 Hours, 480 V
34478 3456 500 KW Caterpillar 3456, Diesel Genset, Emcp 2+ Control Panel, 480/277 V., 0 Hrs, Rebuilt, '04
34260 G3516 1000 KW Cat G3516 Le, Nat.Gas Genset, 11:1 Compress.Ratio, Sr4b 697 Gen., Prem Control
34185 3512B 1250 KW Cat 3512B, Skid Mounted., Sr4b, Emcp Control Panel, Safeties, 6 Hrs.On Rebuild
34178 PM1000 1000 KW Cat PM1000, Pow Mod, C32 Eng, Tier 2, Emcp 3.3 Control Pnl, Sr4b Gen, 500 Gal Tnk
34171 XQ800 800 KW Cat XQ800, C27 Eng, Tier 2, Sr4b Perm Mag, Emcp 3.2 Control Pnl, Tandem Axle
34153 XQ500 500 KW Cat XQ500, 450 KW Pri, Cat C15, Sound Attenuated, Enclosure, Control Panel, 1228 Hrs, '11
34151 3412DITA 500 KW Caterpillar 3412DITA, Standby Takeot, Emcp Control., Sr4, Radiator, 1800 Hrs., 1995
34137 3406CDITA 400 KW Cat 3406CDITA, 365 KW Pri, 18000 Hrs, Emcpii Digital Control Panel, Sr-4, '98
34114 XQ230 230 KW Cat XQ230, Enclosure, Trlr Mounted, C9 Tier 3 Eng, Emcp Control Pnl, Elec Gov, C/B, Muff, Rad


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