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SKU Model Description
34991 M1150DHT3AN-1295-LD0025 Falk M1150DHT3AN-129.5-LD0025 Nsnb, Gear Reducer, 129.5:1 Ratio, Parallel Shaft, New Surplus
34989 2120-Y1-LR-1878 Falk 2120-Y1-LR-1.878, Gear Reducer, 514.4 RPM Output, 1.878:1 Ratio, Solid Shaft, Rebuilt
34987 2100-Y1-B-7467 Falk 2100-Y1-B-7.467, Gear Reducer, 7.467:1 Ratio, Parallel Shaft, Rebuilt
34985 2090-Y1-L-7462 Falk 2090-Y1-L-7.462, Gear Reducer, 162 RPM Output, 7.462:1 Ratio, Solid Shaft, Foot Mount, Rebuilt
34983 2070-Y3-LD-1543 Falk 2070-Y3-LD-154.3 Nsmd, Gear Reducer, 11.3 RPM Output, 154.3:1 Ratio, Parallel Shaft
34981 2050-Y1B-7538 Falk 2050-Y1B-7.538 Nsmd, Gear Reducer, 232.16 RPM Output, 7.538:1 Ratio
34979 2050-Y1-3074 Falk 2050-Y1-3.074, Gear Reducer, Parallel Shaft, Rebuilt
34977 -365A2-AS-3402 Falk 365A2-AS-34.02 NSNB, Gear Reducer, 34.4 Output, 34.02:1 Ratio, Parallel Shaft, New Surplus
34975 -365A2-A-2572 Falk 365A2-A-25.72 NSNB, Gear Reducer, Parallel Shaft, New Surplus
34973 -305A1-AD-3400 Falk 305A1-AD-3.400 NSNB, Gear Reducer, 344.1 RPM Output, 3.400:1 Ratio, New Surplus
34971 -305A1-A-2027 Falk 305A1-A-2.027 NSNB, Gear Reducer, 930.9 RPM Output, 2.027:1 Ratio, New Surplus
34969 -305A1-A-1870 Falk 305A1-A-1.870 NSNB, Gear Reducer, 935.8 RPM Output, 1.870:1 Ratio, New Surplus
34967 12HCF-61 750 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Falk 12HCF-6.1, Gear Reducer, 188.5 RPM Output, 1150:1 Ratio, Rebuilt
34965 2135Y2-B-4556 108 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Falk 2135Y2-B-45.56, Gear Reducer, 38.4 RPM Output, 45.56:1 Ratio, Rebuilt
34963 2070Y1-L-4929 25 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Falk 2070Y1-L-4.929, Gear Reducer, 355 RPM Output, 4.929:1 Ratio, Parallel Shaft
34961 08UJAJ2A50A1C 10.2 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Falk 08UJAJ2A50.A1C Nsnb, Gear Reducer, 50.09:1 Ratio
34818 2100Y1B Falk 2100Y1B, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 5.267:1 Ratio, 13162
34816 2050-Y1L Falk 2050-Y1L, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 7.538:1 Ratio, 1992, 24392
34814 2050-Y1B Falk 2050-Y1B, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 7.538:1 Ratio, 24389
34779 89Y1-S 350 Hp, Falk 89Y1-S, Parrallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 1.791:1 Ratio, Unused, 13649
34777 5115Y0A 350 HP @ 1200 Rpm, Falk 5115Y0A, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 4.3714:1 Ratio, 5245 RPM Output, 22291
34774 70Y1-S 200 HP @ 1760 Rpm, Falk 70Y1-S, Gear Reducer, Parallel Shaft, 1.898:1 Ratio, 927.3 RPM Output, 10859
34770 120Y1A 186 Hp, Falk 120Y1A, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 2.755:1 Ratio, 12090
34763 80Y1-A 100 Hp, Falk 80Y1-A, Gear Reducer, Parallel Shaft, 4.577:1 Ratio
34761 2070YN2-LB 100 Hp, Falk 2070YN2-LB, Right Angle Gear Reducer, 15.15:1 Ratio, 1989, 26318
34758 80Y1S 100 HP @ 1200 Rpm, Falk 80Y1S, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 4.84:1 Ratio, 249.9 RPM Output, 25226
34755 345A2-A 75 Hp, Falk 345A2-A, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 10.34:1 Ratio, 1999, 24154
34734 7DOA 15 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Falk 7DOA, Parallel Shaft Gear Reducer, 32.39:1 Ratio, 54.3 RPM Output, 24078
34699 06UCBN2A32A 1.34 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Falk 06UCBN2A3.2Aic Ultra Mite Gear Reducer, 3.248:1 Ratio, 34952


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