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Latest Arrivals
SKU Model Description
35151 237-2M Timesaver 237-2M, 2-Head, Speedbelt Sander, 11427 Grinders, Belt
35150 12419380100 500 KW Generac 12419380100, Standby Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., 410 Hrs, 2010, 88109
35149 14633970100 230 KW Generac 14633970100, Standby Ng Generator, Sae, 480 V., 179.5 Hrs, 2012, 88110
35148 TCR6-158 13.8 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Dodge Maxum TCR6-158, Gear Reducer, 11.2 RPM Output, 156.7:1 Ratio
35147 TCR6-158 13.8 HP @ 1750 Rpm, Dodge Maxum TCR6-158, Gear Reducer, 11.2 RPM Output, 156.7:1 Ratio
35146 250DL6-15R25326D 25 KW Onan 25.0DL6-15R25326D, Standby Genset, W/Transfer Switch, Controller, Muffler
35145 75KW 75 KW Delco 75KW, Diesel Generator Set, 480 V., 3-Phase, Enclosed
35144 600KW 600 KW Katolight 600KW, Diesel Generator Set, 1216 Hrs, Weatherproof Enclosure
35143 1000KW 1000 KW Waukesha 1000KW, Ng Generator Set, 2400/4160 V., 3-Phase
35142 5012 1/2" X 12' Wysong 5012, Hydraulic Shear, Power Backgauge Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Inches)
35141 LB3008A-AVB-XX-IX Busch LB3008A-AVB-XX-IX, Liquid Ring Gas High Vacuum Pump, 2 Stage Vacuum Pumps
35140 D100-6 100 KW Caterpillar D100-6, Standby Diesel Generator, Sae, 208 V., 2008, 88105
35139 DFEC 450 KW Cummins DFEC, Standby Diesel Generator, Full Encloser, 150 Hrs., 1997, 88106
35138 501-37 37" Aem 501-37, Wet, 20 Hp, 5.5" Thickness, 1998 Grinders, Belt
35137 1507HSHR 4000 HP @ 3600 Rpm, Philadelphia 1507HSHR, Gear Reducer, 6.27:1 Ratio, New
35136 1507HSHR 4000 HP @ 3600 Rpm, Philadelphia 1507HSHR, Gear Reducer, 6.27:1 Ratio, New
35135 DCA400SSV 320 KW Multiquip DCA400SSV, Portable Giesel Generator, Volvo Eng, 240/480v., 3343 Hrs
35134 HCI434E1 300 KW Cummins HCI434E1, Natural Gas Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 379.2 Hrs, 2000, 88056
35133 tr-20436t 250 HP Transformer Engineering, Tr-20436t, 18-Pulse, 480 V., Auto-Trans/Inductor
35132 SUPER-400 Koike SUPER-400, Plasma Generator, 11253 Plasma Cutters/Punches
35131 DELTAWELD-650-DC Miller DELTAWELD-650-DC, Arc Welding, 11260 Arc Welders Welding Machinery & Equipment
35130 DSGAB6472644 125 KW Cummins DSGAB6472644, Diesel Generator, 88100
35129 JGC312GSSLC-G02 336 KW Jenbacher JGC312GSSLC-G02, Diesel Generator, Serial 607237de01, 88095
35128 UC1274HIL 180 KW Cummins UC1274HIL, Natural Gas Generator, Wpe, 208 V., 2001, 88101
35127 LYNX19MWT-DDDB-60 19" Timesavers LYNX19MWT-DDDB-60, Wet, 4-Heads, S/N 32588, 134 Hrs, 2015, 158729 Grinders, Belt


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