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Latest Arrivals
SKU Model Description
34604 DFEK-5750765 500 KW Cummins DFEK-5750765, Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., 360.2 Hrs, 2006, 87884
34603 4045HF285 100 KW John Deere 4045HF285, Diesel, 125 KVA, Deep Sea Control Panel, Wp Enclosure, Skid Mounted
34602 2XL2SS Ohlson Scale Linear 2XL2SS Scales
34601 14HEAD Ohlson Scale Combination 14 HEAD Scales
34600 CCWRZ214WS60WP Ishida Scale Combination CCWRZ214WS60WP Scales
34599 FILLLID Crandall Filler Liquid Scale FILL/LID Filling Equipment (Fillers) Packaging Equipment
34598 VFFX-539 Ohlson Form & Fill Scale VFFX-539 Form, Fill, Seal Machines Packaging Equipment
34597 CK2500 Lock Inspection Systems Checkweigher Belt CK2500 Checkweighers, Packaging Equipment
34596 DACSGS01523SS Ishida Checkweigher Belt DACSGS01523SS Checkweighers, Packaging Equipment
34595 DACSGNSO60A23SS-M-B Ishida Checkweigher Belt DACSGNSO60A23/SS-M-B Checkweighers, Packaging Equipment
34594 DACSG1523SSIS Ishida Checkweigher Belt DACSG1523SSIS Checkweighers, Packaging Equipment
34593 DACS-GS015-23SS-IS Ishida Checkweigher Belt DACS-GS015-23/SS-IS Checkweighers, Packaging Equipment
34592 DACS-GS-015-23SS Ishida Checkweigher Belt DACS-GS-015-23/SS Checkweighers, Packaging Equipment
34591 SPECTRUM Clybourn Cartoner Auto Volumetricscale SPECTRUM Carton Machines, Packaging Equipment
34590 15VEC Adco Cartoner Auto Volumetricscale 15VEC Carton Machines, Packaging Equipment
34589 TC-458 Pneumatic Scale Capper 8 Head Of More TC-458 Cappers Packaging Equipment
34588 SERVO E-Quip Conveyor Infeed SERVO Feeders, Belt Conveyors
34587 RA090804 Aquatherm RA090804, Temperature Controller, 9 Kw, .75 Hp, 460 Volt Pump, Serial 83890029707, 3229-11
34586 RA004 Aquatherm RA(2)004, Temperature Controller, 12 Kw, 1 Hp, 460 Volt Pump, Serial 05610219805, 3229-12
34585 61356 10 Ga. X 6' Accurshear 61356, Hydraulic Power Shear, 8106hp Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Gauges)
34584 ECONOTWIN Miller ECONOTWIN, 28 Amp, 460 V., 6000 Watt, S38633 Shear End Welders Welding Machinery & Equipment
34583 250ROZD71 250 KW Kohler / Detroit 250ROZD71, Control. Panel, Radiator Cooled, Wp Encl., 373 Hrs., 1990
34582 1437 Sutorbilt 1437, Blower Vertical Vacuum Pump Blowers, Rotary-Positive Blowers & Fans
34581 650DSEB 650 KW Mtu 650DSEB, Diesel Generator, Weatherproof Enclosure, 480 V., 119 Hrs, 2005, 87878
34580 99A05159-S 400 KW Generac 99A05159-S Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 230 Hrs, 1999, 87881


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