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Latest Arrivals
SKU Model Description
35176 XQ125 125 KW Cat XQ125, Cat 3304 Engine, Cat Sr4b Generator End, 480v. Enclosure, 101493
35175 TOPIQ-2-43 43" Kundig TOPIQ-2-43, 2-Head 43" Wide Belt Sander, 2004 Sanders, Woodworking Machinery
35174 DRP15BQ72D 1200 Cfm, Ametek DRP15BQ72D, Blower / Vacuum Pump, 240/480 V., 3-Phase, 11523 Vacuum Pumps
35173 FRL5T14F 7500 Lb. Bushman Itnac FRL5T14F, Flip Rate System, Pendant Control, 11536 Die Handling Equipment
35172 612-G2 Techni 612-G2, 6' X 12' Waterjet, Am2000 CNC Controller, 2012 Waterjet Cutting
35171 DSHAB7093701 150 KW Cummins DSHAB7093701, Stand By Diesel Generator, Enclosed, 2008, 88162
35170 150REOZJF 150 KW Kohler 150REOZJF, Diesel Generator, Enclosed, 61.7 Hours, 277.480 V., 88163
35169 D150PL 150 KW Olympian D150PL, Diesel Generator, 307 Hours, 1999, 88164
35168 9007820200 300 KW Generac 9007820200, Diesel Generator, Enclosed, 120/208 V., 2007, 88168
35167 DS00340D 350 KW Mtu DS00340D, Diesel Generator, Sae, 277/480 V., 344 Hours, 2011, 88165
35166 QT10054KNSN 100 KW Generac QT10054KNSN, Stand By Natural Gas Generator, Enclosed, 2007, 88112
35165 D150P4 150 KW Caterpillar Olympian D150P4, Diesel Generator, Standby, 480 V., 120 Hrs, 2001
35164 PA-8000-6 Robovent PA-8000-6, 12 Cartridge Filters, Dust Collector, Epad Touch Control, 7.5 HP Dust Collectors
35163 26-3 26" Doall 26-3, Hyd Table & Tilt, 7-1/2 Hp, Welder & Grinder Saws, Band, Vertical (Bandsaws)
35162 9630980100 200 KW Generac 9630980100, Diesel Generator Set, 480 V., 3-Phase, Wpe, 2008, 88117
35161 TS630 Conair TS630, Crosscut Saw, 460 V., 16.1 Amps, 3-Ph, Redlion Plc Control, 16538a Saws, Cutoff
35160 304-8-92-134 F. I. M. 304-8-92-134, Atomic Spot Welder Spot, Rocker Arm Welders Welding Machinery & Equipment
35159 516-415 F. I. M. 516-415, Spot Welder, S/N: Rp1116 Spot, Rocker Arm Welders Welding Machinery & Equipment
35158 G50WD0-3A-TAF 40 KW Doosan G50WD0-3A-TAF, Diesel Generator, Trailer Mounted Enclosure, 480 V., 2019, 25052
35157 G70WD0-34-T4F 56 KW Doosan G70WD0-34-T4F, Diesel Generator, Trailer Mounted Enclosure, 2019, 25051
35156 489814UKACG26 125 KW Doosan 489814UKACG26, Diesel Generator, Sae, Trailer Mounted, 2019, 25053
35155 D150-8 150 KW Caterpillar D150-8, Diesel Generator, Full Enclosure, 277/480 V., 2006, 88113
35154 21431 800 KW Generac 21431, Diesel Generator, Weatherproof Enclosure, 1211 Hrs, 1998, 88107
35153 ELECTRIC-SYSTEM-55 Lincoln ELECTRIC-SYSTEM-55 Mig Robotic Welding Cell, 2013 Mig Welders Welding Machinery & Equipment
35152 AMERICOR-1025 22 Ga. Adira AMERICOR-1025, Power Squaring Shear, 1998, 7485 Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Gauges)


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