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Latest Arrivals
SKU Model Description
34886 D200P3 200 KW Olympian D200P3, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 208 V., 118.8 Hours, 2006, 87932
34885 6V-36 36" X 30" Grob 6V-36, Vertical Band Saw, 72" X 48" Table, Welder Saws, Band, Vertical (Bandsaws)
34884 450R0ZD91 450 KW Kohler 450R0ZD91, Detroit Diesel Generator, 347/600 V
34883 VH-600D 6" Hammond VH-600D Heavy Duty Belt Grinder Grinders, Belt
34882 KSM-POWER-PA Nelson KSM-POWER-PAck-77, 50-70 Ft Of Cord, Stud Welder Stud Welders Welding Machinery & Equipment
34881 4X6HP-5K 5000 Lb. Rice Lake 4X6HP-5K, Platform Scale, 4" X 6", S/N C37145 Scales
34880 4231 52" Timesavers 4231, 3-Head Metal Finishing System, Dry-Type, Low Hours, 2014 Grinders, Belt
34879 ZSE-150T Gleason Hurth ZSE-150T, Siemens Sinumerik Control, 2002, 24239 Gear Shavers
34878 EGENX60ALAN 60 KW Generac EGENX60ALAN, Natural Gas Generator, Sae, 240 V., 1 Hr., 2017, 87929
34877 DFED-3380093 500 KW Cummins DFED-3380093, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 495 Hrs., 1999, 87931
34876 GS350UC 350 KW Sdmo GS350UC, Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., Unused, 2004, 87924
34875 SD600 600 KW Generac SD600, Diesel Generator, Weatherproof Enclosure, 480 V., 2004, 87914
34874 3512C 1500 KW Caterpillar 3512C, Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., 165 Hrs, Warranty, 2011 (2 Available)
34873 400DFCE 400 KW Cummins 400DFCE, Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., 323.3 Hours, 1998, 87906
34872 500FDR5061FF 365 KW Cummins 500FDR5061FF, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 1015.7 Hrs., 1977, 87912
34871 BENGAL Flow BENGAL, 4' X 4', 60000 Psi, 30 Hp, Flow CNC Control, Hopper, 1998, 29476 Water Jet Cutting
34870 G3412EP 450 KW Caterpillar G3412EP, Natural Gas Genset, Sr4, Deep Sea Control Panel, 480 V., 1993
34869 G3406NAEP 150 KW Caterpillar G3406NAEP, Natural Gas Genset, No Circuit Breaker, 480 V., 2013
34868 1000ROZD4 1000 KW Kohler 1000ROZD4, Diesel Generator, Weatherproof Enclosure, 2000, 87921
34867 2000ROZD4 200 KW Kohler 2000ROZD4, Diesel Generator, Weatherproof Enclosure, 2001, 87920
34866 T-86 Guyson T-86, Tumbling Barrels, Plc Control Blast And Airwash Cycles, 2005, 150337 Tumbling Barrels
34865 SR-4B 480 KW Caterpillar SR-4B, Natural Gas Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 3875 Hrs., 1999, 87895
34864 743FSM4368 1500 KW Katolight 743FSM4368, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 4160 V., 328 Hrs., 1999, 87897
34863 DFEK-1414863 500 KW Cummins DFEK-1414863, Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., 2014, 87902
34862 135ROZJ 135 KW Kohler 135ROZJ, Diesel Generator, Weatherproof Enclosure, 480 V., 87898


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