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Latest Arrivals
SKU Model Description
35232 149-H-11 80 Cfm, Stokes 149-H-11 Microvac Vacuum Pump With Motor Vacuum Pumps
35231 DFHC 900 KW Cummins DFHC, Diesel Generator Set, 277/480 Volts, 1350 Hp, 784 Hrs, Open Power Unit, 2001
35230 3456 Caterpillar 3456, Diesel Generator Set
35229 D399 Cat D399, Industrial Diesel Engine Pump Drive
35228 3408 350 KW Caterpillar 3408, Diesel Generator Set, 277/480 Volts, 538 Hp, 460 Hrs, Open Power Unit, 1985
35227 DFCC 350 KW Cummins DFCC, Diesel Generator Set, 277/480 Volts, 535 Hp, 207 Hrs, Open Power Unit, 2000
35226 1250DFLC 1250 KW Cummins 1250DFLC, Standby Diesel Generator, Open, 1997, 88227
35225 SINFAR Rofin SINFAR Welder Laser, 48673 Lasers, CNC Machinery & Equipment
35224 1010-RD 10 Ga. X 10' Wysong 1010-RD, Power Squaring Shear, 12123 Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Gauges)
35223 1500DFLE 1500 KW Cummins 1500DFLE, Standby Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 2000, 88199
35222 QSK60 2000 KW Cummins QSK60, Standby Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., 2007, 88212
35221 S12A2-Y2PTAW-2 800 KW Mitsubishi S12A2-Y2PTAW-2, 480 V., 1000 KVA, Diesel Generator Set, 2011
35220 3512C-DITA 1100 KW Cat 3512C-DITA, 600 V., 3-Phase, Tier 2, Skid Mounted W/ Roof, Kato Generator End, 2008
35219 CPHV-120 5" X 5" X 1/2" Imcar Comac CPHV-120, Led Digital Displays, 2007 Rolls, Angle Bending
35218 DSHAB7173635 175 KW Cummins DSHAB7173635, Diesel Generator, Full Enclosure, 2008, 88214
35217 200RJC6DT3 200 KW Mtu 200RJC6DT3, Diesel Generator, Full Enclosure, 280 Hrs, 2008, 88215
35216 DFCB57016354 300 KW Cummins DFCB57016354, Diesel Generator, Full Enclosure, 277/480 Volts, 2005, 88218
35215 G40P3EP 40 KW Olympian G40P3EP, 20 Hrs, Battery Charger, 4001e Control Panel, Weatherproof Enclosure, 2004
35214 QSK50 1250 KW Cummins QSK50, Diesel Generator Set, 4160 Volts, Epa Tier 2, Trailer Mounted, 2009
35213 10H5 16 Gauge X 5' Roper Whitney 10H5, Hydraulic Shear, 2000 Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Gauges)
35212 GT-13S Gecam GT-13S, Linear Steel Wide Belt Deburring Machine, 2013, 10660 Deburring Machines
35211 250DFBE 250 KW Onan 250DFBE, Standby Open Diesel Generator Set, 480 Volts, 918.8 Hrs, 1990, 87867
35210 3508TA 750 KW Cat 3508TA, Gnst, Sr4 681 Fr., 10 Lead Gen, Emcp Control Pnl, Elec Gov, C/B, 24v Strtr
35209 3512DITA 1250 KW Cat 3512DITA, Cat Sr4b 695 Frme 12 Lead Gen, Emcp Ii Control Pnl, C/B, 35a Alt, Rad
35208 1100E 30" Barrett 1100E, 30" Chip Pans, 425 Lbs Load Cap, Updated Controls, 1974 Chip Wringers


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