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SKU Model Description
35449 251250 14 gauge x 4' Edwards 2.5/1250, electric shear Shears, Power Squaring &
35448 S2550 10 gauge x 8' Darley S2550, hydraulic shear Shears, Power Squaring &
35447 ML40 40" x 160" Milltronics ML40, Conversational Control Lathes, Engine ,
35446 237-3 37" x 75" Timesavers 237-3, 3 head belt grinder Grinders,
35445 152X 16 gauge x 4.4' Pexto 152X, air shear Shears, Power Squaring &
35444 4121-25-04 52" Timesavers 4121-25-04, metal dual head wet sander Grinders,
35443 L-36 12 gauge x 6' Chicago Dries & Krump L-36, finger box & pan brake Brakes, Box &
35442 9601MW 9" Timesavers 9601MW, wet type belt grinder sander Grinders,
35441 TRUDISK-5001 Trumpf TruDisk-5001, CNC Ultracompact Disk Laser Welder Lasers,
35440 3196-LTXLTI ITT Goulds 3196-LTX/lti, 125 HP, centrifugal pump Centrifugals,
35439 14U10 14 gauge x 10' Pexto 14U10, mechanical shear Shears, Power Squaring &
35438 CAPS4-150GF-I Sartorius CAPS4-150GF-I, digital scale
35437 113-E 53" Gebr 113-E, dry Grinders,
35436 1016 16 gauge x 10' Chicago 1016, apron brake Brakes, Apron &
35435 POWER-WAVE-455M Lincoln Power-Wave-455M, advanced process welder Tig
35434 LF3196 5 GPM @ 60' TDH, Goulds LF3196, centrifugal pump Centrifugals,
35433 3006 Zoeller 3006 Smile 600/4 tool setter, Dash 1 computer control Tool
35432 ROTRON 600 CFM, EC & G Ametek Rotron 15 HP regenerative blower vacuum pump Vacuum
35431 5-125 10 gauge x 5' Betenbender 5-125, 13 holddowns Shears, Power Squaring &
35430 137-1HPM 37" Timesavers 137-1HPM, 4" drum diameter Grinders,
35429 SERIES-100 37" Timesavers Series-100, wet dust collector Grinders,
35428 SR-1416-80008-T MagnaFlux SR-1416-80008-T, demagitizer Meg timer Control
35427 130AP 30 KVA Lors 130AP, 18" throat Spot, Press Type
35426 TIG-300300 Lincoln TIG-300/300, tig power supply Tig
35425 UCC-305 Linde UCC-305, Tig Welder Tig


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