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Latest Arrivals
SKU Model Description
35076 IDLC8002M 800 KW Baldor IDLC8002M, Diesel Generator, Enclosure Mounted On Trailer, 480 V., 2007, 88060
35075 DFLC-5562758 1250 KW Cummins DFLC-5562758, Diesel Generator, Open, 277/480 V., 2002, 88061
35074 SR4B-HV 1500 KW Caterpillar SR4B-HV, Diesel Generator, Sae, 12470 V., 600 Hrs, 2002, 86704
35073 L990037697 65 KW Onan L990037697, Natural Gas Generator, Wpe, 208 V., 314 Hrs, 1999, 88057
35072 11870940200 100 KW Generac 11870940200, Natural Gas Generator, Open, 208 V., 8 Hrs, 2010, 86708
35071 TS1753J 150 KW Baldor TS1753J, Generator, Skid Mounted, 2013, 88064
35070 180ROZJ 180 KW Kohler 180ROZJ, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 590 Hours, 2000, 88058
35069 440F9R8032AB-H505W 200 KW Detroit 440F9R8032AB-H505W, Diesel Generator, Open Skid Mounted, 88062
35068 HTG432 Tschudin HTG432, Cylindrical Grinder Control System, S39552 Grinders, Cylindrical, Universal
35067 E2M80 47 Cfm, Edward E2M80, Vacuum Pump, 3 Hp, 230/460 V., Serial 332, 3398-17 Vacuum Pumps
35066 H-22A 22" X 22" Hyd-Mech H-22A, Automatic, Infeed, Plc 100 Control, 2011 Saws, Band, Horizontal (Bandsaws)
35065 DL75 16" X 160" Dianichi DL75, 30" Diameter Shaft, Fanuc 20-T Control, 1995, 80199 Lathes, Engine
35064 GTA19 300 KW Cummins GTA19, Natural Gas Generator, Stamford Engine, 2000, 88056
35063 FFBW-6 27000 Cfm Dust-Hog/Uas FFBW-6, Booth Type Environmetal Control, (12) Dust Drawers Dust Collectors
35062 3LCNC 3" Horn 3LCNC, Tube Bender, Bendpro CNC Operator Control - Touch Screen Benders, Bar, Pipe & Tube
35061 2AT-175 175 Ton, Controlled Automation 2AT-175, Heavy Duty Plate Punching Sys, 5' X 10', 2008 Punches, Plate
35060 TIME-SAVER 23-3/4" Aem TIME-SAVER, 15 Hp, 44" Top Belt Length, Not For Wood Or Aluminum Grinders, Belt
35059 BLACK-OXIDE Birchwood BLACK-OXIDE Finishing System, Allen Bradley Control, 24 V., 2012 Finishing Machines
35058 MACH44020B Flow MACH 4 4020B, Waterjet, 6' X 12', 60 Hp, Mitsubishi M720 CNC Controller, 2012 Water Jet Cutting
35057 2024-0 Lion Machinery 2024-0 Cleatformer, 20 Gauge Capacity Rollformers, Sheet Metal Sheet Metal Machinery
35056 LB1207B Busch LB1207B Dolphin Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Skid (X-3111), 3380-1 Vacuum Pumps
35055 500FDR5054CC-W 230 KW Cummins 500FDR5054CC-W, Diesel Generator, 288 KVA, 1800 Rpm, 480v., 346 Hrs
35054 1010 10 Ga. X 10' Wysong 1010, Shear Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Gauges)
35053 837510 3/8" X 10' Accurshear 837510, 36" Programmable Back Gauge Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Inches)
35052 GHS-1330 1/2" X 10' Adira GHS-1330, 39" Go-To Back Gauge, 1995 Shears, Power Squaring & Plate (Inches)


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