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Latest Arrivals
SKU Model Description
35126 TRVA-66-4501CGH Pompetravaini TRVA-66-4501C/GH, 3" Vacuum Pump, S/N W6121 Vacuum Pumps
35125 TRVA-66-4501CRX Pompetravaini TRVA-66-4501C/RX, 3" Vacuum Pump Vacuum Pumps
35124 4TNV98-ZGGE 38 KW Newage 4TNV98-ZGGE, Diesel Generator, Encl On Trailer, 120 V., 2008, 88091
35123 361CSL1600-1 40 KW Kubota 361CSL1600-1, Diesel Generator, Enclosed On Trailer, 208 V., 88088
35122 A6224E 40 KW Kubota A6224E, Diesel Generator, Enclosed On Trailer, 208 V., 88089
35121 AG2246 40 KW Kubota AG2246, Diesel Generator, Enclosed On Trailer, 208 V., 11546.4 Hrs, 88087
35120 AG224E 40 KW Kubota AG224E, Diesel Generator, Enclosed On Trailer, 208 V., 15068.7 Hrs, 88086
35119 7229330100 350 KW Generac 7229330100, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 409 Hrs, 120/208 V., 2006, 88084
35118 DFEJ1810288 450 KW Cummins DFEJ1810288, Diesel Generator, Open, 480 V., 0.8 Hrs, 2019, 88076
35117 2000REOZDC 2000 KW Kohler 2000REOZDC, Diesel Generator, Sae, 254 Hrs, 480 V., 2009, 88096
35116 DS150 150 KW Mtu DS150, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., Tier 3, 50 Hrs., 2017
35115 SD0250 250 KW Generac SD0250, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., 300 Hrs., 2008
35114 V400ULC2 400 KW Triton V400ULC2, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 480 V., Tier 3 Flex, 2007
35113 DS800 800 KW Mtu DS800, Diesel Generator, Sae, 480 V., Tier 2, New, 2019
35112 XQ1500 1500 KW Caterpillar XQ1500, Diesel Generator, Sae, Emcp Ii, 480 V., 15890 Hrs, 2007
35111 G3412TA 375 KW Caterpillar G3412TA, Natural Gas Generator, 480 V., Rebuilt, 29 Hours
35110 F3521GSI 500 KW Waukesha F3521GSI, Natural Gas Generator, 480 V., 5000 Hrs Since Rebuilt
35109 G3516LE 910 KW Caterpillar G3516LE, Natural Gas Generator, Open, 480 V., 2293 Hrs, 1998
35108 GDEA4959877 125 KW Cummins GDEA4959877, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 664 Hours, 2001, 88077
35107 DCFB4481741 175 KW Cummins DCFB4481741, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 141 Hours, 2000, 88080
35106 DCFB448741 175 KW Cummins DCFB448741, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 148 Hours, 2000, 88081
35105 DGFC3384766 200 KW Cummins DGFC3384766, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 172 Hours, 2000, 88079
35104 DGFC3386905 200 KW Cummins DGFC3386905, Diesel Generator, Wpe, 200 Hours, 2000, 88078
35103 960-1MD 9" Timesaver 960-1MD, Dry, 5 Hp, Belt Grinder, V/S Conveyor, 2000, 158689 Grinders, Belt
35102 SN150 6" Greif SN150, Opposed Dual Head, Two Abrasive Belt Sander, 11095 Grinders, Belt


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